About Us

Oupa’s was inspired by the perseverance and courage of all the ‘unassuming’ heroes that have come before us. In particular, our Oupa (Grandfather) whom himself would prefer not to be named, was born in a time where endeavours and accomplishments weren’t for fame or praise but completed for family and friends out of love and because it was something that just had to be done. Oupa was a man of integrity, intelligence and talent who shared the things he loved with the people around him. Early in life Oupa could be found practising as a Doctor and soaring the skies as a pilot in his spare time. Later in life, with more time on hand, he could be found feeding his fish and livestock on the farm, sneaking around his cheese cellar or tinkering in the shed, while at quieter times during the day he could be found painting or sampling his distilled liquor. This product is affectionately named in memory of his extraordinary life and the lengths he went to try and achieve perfection in everything he did.


After countless batches, seasoning trials and a fastidious reluctance to settle for anything but the best, “Oupa’s” biltong and accompanying spices were born. The spice blends although originally created to season our biltong, unsurprisingly were found to flavour a wide range of meats and vegetables. Here at Oupa’s we want to inspire you to be your own hero through our range of products developed using our philosophy of Infused Inspiration.